Is Your Mobile App Secure?

There's a new war being waged - and it's happening on your smartphone. The technology landscape has changed tremendously in the last few years, with many online fraudsters shifting their attention from websites to mobile apps.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that there is a false yet persistent perception that mobile apps are inherently secure. The second is that these days, individual apps are trying to offer just about everything. In an increasingly digitized world, convenience is king, which has led to the rise of the ‘superapp’ - apps that house several services under one roof.

Uber is a typical example. Although it started out as a ride hailing company, it soon began offering services such as online payments, food delivery, and e-bike rentals, to name just a few. This decision helped propel it to app stratosphere - it’s now a household name and boasts over 75 million users. But every rose has its thorn. The wider an app’s attack surface, the harder it is to secure, and if an account is breached, the damage can be devastating.

Fraudsters today will attack all and any products and features, which makes it vital that the fraud, risk and security teams look at their ecosystem and determine where their vulnerabilities lie.