Account Takeovers
Stop account takeovers for good. Protect your users' personal data and prevent financial losses.
Protect Against Account Takeovers with SHIELD
Account takeovers can significantly damage customer trust and brand reputation. When tackling this type of fraud, businesses will often introduce tighter security measures and add verification steps - but too much of either can harm the user experience. To avoid this, businesses need to be able to differentiate between good and bad users, so that fraudsters can be stopped before they commit any malicious activity.
Protect Your Brand Reputation
Eliminate ATOs to build trust and retain your good users
Secure User Accounts
Protect customer PII and payment credentials from being compromised
Reduce Unnecessary Friction
Reduce verification time and improve onboarding for good users
Technology Highlights
Persistent Device Identification
Accurately identify signs of account takeover such as a single device accessing a large number of user accounts.
Precise and Customizable Device Risk Score
Make better decisions with a clear understanding of every device's risk level.
Powerful Network Analytics
Gain insights into the relationships between your devices, users, and more.
Actionable Signals
Discover exactly which tools fraudsters are using to take over accounts.
The Global Intelligence Network
Detect new and unknown ATO attacks by leveraging the world’s largest fraud library of 7 billion devices and 700 million user accounts.
Learn how our intelligence can help your business build trust and safety.