Payment Fraud
Stop fraudsters in real time and approve more transactions.
Real-Time Protection Against the Latest Payment Fraud Threats
Steady rises in data breaches and phishing scams have resulted in an abundance of compromised card credentials. Strict fraud prevention measures can help curb chargeback losses, but declining legitimate transactions can lead to bad user experiences and lost revenue. To stay ahead of payment fraud, businesses must be able to accurately identify malicious behavior before fraudsters are able to make a payment.
Protect Your Bottom Line
Stop fraudulent transactions from eating into your profits
Reduce Unnecessary Friction
Reduce time to checkout and improve your user experience
Maximise Your Revenue
Approve more transactions without declining real users
Technology Highlights
Accurate Device Identification
Persistently detect multiple payment credentials used on the same device.
Actionable Signals
A full picture of every tool and technique used to commit payment fraud.
Powerful Network Analytics
Gain insights into the relationships between your devices, users, and more.
SHIELD Sentinel
Know the exact moment a good user turns bad by continuously profiling risk through a user session.
The World's Largest Fraud Library
Stop new and unknown fraud types by leveraging our Global Intelligence Network of 7 billion devices and 700 million user accounts.
Learn how our intelligence can help your business build trust and safety.