SHIELD helps e-wallets stop account fraud and start investing exclusively in good users.
SHIELD has been a great complement to our cybersecurity measures, keeps pace with our rapid growth, and ensures that our platform is safe and secure.
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Harianto Gunawan
Managing Director
Protecting E-Wallets From Increasingly Complex Fraud Attacks
E-wallets are an attractive target for fraudsters. As gateways to fiat currency, malicious actors will use all and any fraudulent techniques to compromise user accounts and steal funds. Referral and rebate programs are commonly targeted, with users and merchants often working together to exploit them. In such a competitive industry, e-wallets must focus acquiring and rewarding valuable users, not fraudsters.
Risk Intelligence for E-wallets
Prevent user-merchant collusion
Identify fraudulent partnerships that exploit cashback and incentive programs
Stop account takeovers
Identify devices accessing multiple accounts and protect against unauthorized access and withdrawals
Acquire and reward good users
Ensure only the right users benefit from your promo campaigns
Industry Threats and Techniques
Account Takeovers
Secure user accounts
Spam & User Abuse
Build customer trust
Identity Fraud
Know your customers
Fake Accounts
Block fake profiles
Payment Fraud
Approve more transactions
Account Sharing & 
Subscription Abuse
Manage your subscriptions
Referral & Promo Abuse
Attract more users
Ad Fraud
Prevent fake clicks
Incentive Abuse & Collusion
Stop malicious collaboration
The Global Intelligence Network
Harness our fraud library of 7 billion devices and 700 million user accounts to stop never-before-seen attacks.
Persistent Device Identification
Our platform generates unique and extremely persistent device IDs that identify the users that should and should not be trusted.
Actionable Signals
The SHIELD platform flags every tool and technique typically associated with fraudulent activity.
Catch Good Users Turned Bad
The only technology in the world that continuously scans for risk across the user session, so you can stop fraudsters in their tracks.
Learn how our intelligence can help your business build trust and safety.