SHIELD for Superapps

SHIELD provides superapps with decisions and intelligence in real-time, enabling you to focus on growth, optimize marketing ROI and strengthen brand reputation.

Industry Expertise

Superapps offer unparalleled convenience to users, enabling one-stop-access to a variety of services.
However, fraud risk management becomes exponentially more challenging as businesses incorporate more products and features on a single platform. At the same time, a frictionless user experience is key to user acquisition and an important driver of customer stickiness.
In the face of fraud threats, it is challenging for fast growing businesses to balance tradeoffs between risk and growth objectives.

Protect your entire digital ecosystem from fraud

Bot Attacks

Account Fraud

Transaction & Loyalty Fraud

Credit Fraud

AML/CFT Violations


Our Intelligence. {BR} Your Decisions.


Always Ahead {BR}Of Fraud


Device-Based {BR} Credit Intelligence


Frictionless {BR} Identity Verification