Spam & User Abuse
Ensure your customers trust you as much as you trust them.
Stop Large-Scale spam Attacks and Abusive Users
Bad actors use fake accounts, app cloners, and spoofers to send spam and abuse good users. Given that these types of attacks severely damage both user trust and a platform's reputation, businesses must know which tools the fraudsters are using, and be able to detect each abusive user and their device with unparalleled accuracy.
Create a Safer User Environment
Protect users from harmful content and abusive messages
Build Customer Trust and Loyalty
Enhance your platform experience to encourage customer retention
Reduce Unnecessary Friction
Reduce verification time and improve user experience
Technology Highlights
Accurate Device Identification
Identify the devices behind mass spam and hate campaigns.
Actionable Signals
Understand which tools and techniques are used to spread spam.
Precise and Customizable Device Risk Score
Make better decisions with a clear understanding of every device's risk level.
Powerful Network Analytics
Gain insights into the relationships between your devices, users, and more.
The World's Largest Fraud Library
Stop new and unknown attacks with our Global Intelligence Network of 7 billion devices and 700 million user accounts.
Learn how our intelligence can help your business build trust and safety.