Identity Fraud
Know which users are real and which are fake.
Protect your business from fake identities
Fraudsters will create fake identities or buy real ones to apply for loans or credit cards. While some will steal money immediately, others will try to build up the account's credit score to carry out fraud attacks of a larger scale. To detect and stop every type of identity fraud, businesses must be able to detect fraudsters before they commit fraud.
Reduce fraud losses
Stop fraudsters exploiting incentives using fake identities
Create a smoother online experience
Reduce verification time and improve onboarding for good users
Block bad actors
Protect your business from fraudsters assuming stolen identities
Technology Highlights
Persistent Device Identification
Spot fake identities created from the same device.
Actionable Signals
Uncover the tools used to commit identity fraud.
Precise and Customizable Device Risk Score
Make better decisions with a clear understanding of every device's risk level.
The World's Largest Fraud Library
Harness our continuously updating Global Intelligence Network of 7 billion devices and 700 million user accounts to stop never-before-seen attacks.
Powerful Network Analytics
Gain insights into the relationships between your devices, users, and more.
Learn how our intelligence can help your business build trust and safety.