Ad Fraud
Stop spending money on fake clicks. Start spending time on real users.
protecting platforms against the latest ad fraud techniques
Sophisticated ad fraud techniques such as fake clicks, SDK spoofing, and click injection allow fraudsters to generate clicks out of thin air. To avoid wasting money on fake users, businesses need to be able to identify illegitimate traffic at its source.
Reduce your user acquisition cost
Stop wasting marketing dollars on bogus traffic
Focus on the accounts that count
Tailor your ad strategy with data based on the right users
Leverage better analytics
Make decisions and forecasts with improved data quality
Technology Highlights
Persistent Device Identification
Know when the same device is used to generate fake installs or illegitimate site visits.
Actionable Signals
Understand which tools and techniques are used to generate fake clicks.
The World's Largest Fraud Library
Stop the latest ad fraud techniques by leveraging our Global Intelligence Network of over 7 billion devices and 700 million user accounts.
Powerful Network Analytics
Gain insights into the relationships between your devices, users, and more.
Precise and Customizable Device Risk Score
Make better decisions with a clear understanding of every device's risk level.
Learn how our intelligence can help your business build trust and safety.