Account Sharing & Subscription Abuse
Stop fraudulent subscriptions and unauthorized account sharing with real-time risk intelligence.
The risk intelligence solution to end subscription abuse
Although account sharing is permitted to a certain extent, when five users morph into fifty, it presents a problem. Given that subscription prices vary from country to country, fraudsters will also try to trick the system into offering cheaper subscription costs by using VPNs, GPS spoofers, and more. To deal with these types of fraud, businesses must be able to detect the devices accessing each account with unparalleled accuracy.
Increase your revenue stream
Stop free trial abuse and subscription arbitrage
Stop unauthorized account sharing
Detect when account sharing exceeds policy limits
Reduce unnecessary friction
Reduce verification time and improve onboarding for good users
Technology Highlights
Actionable Signals
Our solution identifies the tools and techniques used to abuse subscriptions.
The World's Largest Fraud Library
Leverage our Global Intelligence Network of 7 billion devices and 700 million user accounts to stop novel fraud attacks in real time.
Deep Network Analytics
Receive additional analytics on user accounts and activities that really matter to you.
Precise and Customizable Device Risk Score
Make better decisions with a clear understanding of every device's risk level.
Persistent Device Identification
Ensure the number of devices accessing each account complies with policy limits.
Learn how our intelligence can help your business build trust and safety.