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Global Online Gaming Unicorn Mobile Premier League Levels Up Trust & Safety with SHIELD’s Risk Intelligence

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MPL is the world's leading mobile eSports platform that allows users to participate in paid competitions across 60+ games in multiple categories, including mobile games, daily fantasy sports, quizzing, and board games. Founded in 2018, MPL hosts hundreds of millions of tournaments a month and is trusted by over 90 million registered users across India, Indonesia, Europe, and the U.S.



Key Takeaways

• Over 90 million players protected

• Great improvement in gamer satisfaction

MPL's Goal

Mobile Premier League is a trailblazer in India’s eSports and online gaming industry. Founded in 2018, they host millions of tournaments a month across 60+ different gaming categories. Today, they are trusted by over 90 million gamers across India, Europe, and the U.S. This number is expected to soar exponentially in the next few years as mobile becomes the main avenue for gamers to monetize their skills.

True to their mission to be the most trusted , MPL has teamed up with SHIELD, the world’s leading risk intelligence company to further enhance user trust and safety.

“Providing the highest degree of protection against fraud is top priority at MPL. We are focused on offering users a safe and secure gameplay experience on our app. In order to deliver this consistently, we are committed to using best-in-class technology. Our partnership with SHIELD has enabled us to continue to take this forward ”
Ruchir Patwa
Vice President, Security and Compliance, MPL

Annihilating Unfair In-Game Advantage and Offering Trust is the Most Critical Play

As a part of their expansion strategy, MPL was running multiple eSports tournaments to encourage new user participation. Providing a level playing field for its gamers is of utmost importance to MPL. To prevent fraudsters from exploiting their tournaments, they took security and technology up another notch by harnessing the SHIELD ID. This unique device identifier enabled them to accurately distinguish every device, and helped the team prevent multi-accounting and collusion.

For MPL, providing a trustworthy platform to the users is of paramount importance. If gamers feel that the platform is rigged, they would likely switch to a competitor app.

Fraudsters typically use app cloners, emulators and GPS spoofers to evade detection. These tools allow them to create virtual devices, fabricate identities, and mask their locations. Armed with the SHIELD Risk indicators, MPL was able to deal a heavy blow against dishonest gamers.

Ruchir commented, “Every genuine gamer deserves a fair shot at being rewarded for their skill and effort. It is important that the gaming platform offers the highest degree of trust and safety so that the gamers can focus on the game and not be deterred by lack of security and safety. At MPL, we are proud to be setting the benchmark of fairness in the online gaming world and our collaboration with SHIELD has enabled us to take another step in this direction.”

Keeping their Eyes on the Prize

When it comes to global expansion, MPL understands that every region needs a unique fraud prevention game plan. SHIELD’s Global Intelligence Network—a continuously updating fraud library—empowers MPL to stay ahead of new and unknown threats.

Ruchir concluded: “At MPL, we are constantly charting new territories and expanding globally. One of our prerequisites is to ensure that we offer best in class security and superior gameplay experience across all locations. SHIELD's technology is accurate, fast, and powerful. With this collaboration, we are confident that we will continue to maintain global fairplay and security standards across all geographies”.