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To the Moon: Legion Network Leverages SHIELD Risk Intelligence for a Trusted Blockchain Super App

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Legion Network is revolutionizing the crypto space through its one-stop platform. It offers a variety of services ranging from crypto wallets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn gaming, software-as-a-service, and more. The app empowers millions of users, regardless of experience, to become crypto experts.

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Legion Network's Goal

As the world’s first blockchain super app, Legion Network simplifies all things crypto-related, offering an easily accessible platform for crypto enthusiasts to trade, learn and collaborate with like-minded community members. Users can buy over 80 cryptocurrencies in over 160+ countries, trade NFTs, earn tokens, and access educational material. 

Legion Network’s mission is to build a trusted ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts, influencers, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Their astronomic growth is backed by a commitment to provide current and future users with a fair and trustworthy trading environment. To continue bolstering its defenses against fraudsters, Legion Network chose to partner with SHIELD, the world’s leading risk intelligence company. 

“At Legion Network, we believe that crypto is for everybody. SHIELD’s risk intelligence has become an indispensable part of our trust-building strategy, and helped us ensure that we focus our efforts on building the safest and fairest ecosystem we can for genuine users.”
Athar Ahmed
CEO, Legion Network

Making Every Marketing Dollar Count

Legion Network was running referral programs and promotions as part of their user acquisition efforts. For example, a referrer would be rewarded with one token for every new user referred. The team was aware that these campaigns would be a hotspot for users looking to make gains the easy way, especially with tokens holding real monetary value. Users could create hundreds of fake accounts to rake in rewards without contributing to Legion Network’s growth. 

There was an immediate need for Legion Network to safeguard its referral campaigns and ensure continued business growth. It leveraged the SHIELD ID, one of the key features of SHIELD’s Device Intelligence, to accurately detect devices linked to multiple accounts. Equipped with this information, Legion Network was able to track down fake accounts and multi-accounters. This empowered them to direct payouts to genuine and trusted users instead. 

Decrypting Risk Factors

One unique aspect of Legion Network’s ecosystem is Legion Arcadia, a play-to-earn gaming platform where players can participate in daily challenges to win crypto and NFT prizes. Platform users can also hold and enter competitions for prizes, as well as be awarded trophies for high levels of engagement. This meant that fraudsters could potentially speed up their winning process by jailbreaking devices, cloning apps, and installing auto clickers. They could also create multiple accounts to increase their chances of obtaining prizes from user-organized contests.

The SHIELD Risk Indicators, also a part of the Device Intelligence suite, helped Legion Network to identify when and which malicious tools and techniques are in use, pinpointing the fraudsters attempting to generate unfair advantages for themselves in winning daily raffles or contests. Coupled with the SHIELD ID, these fraud prevention capabilities empower Legion Network to ensure a level playing field for its users.

Athar Ahmed added, “It’s our mission to provide a safe space for budding and experienced enthusiasts to interact - we want everyone to feel welcomed on the platform. With SHIELD, we’re easily achieving that mission every single day.” 

Bullish on Trust and Safety

Bringing together the best blockchain services in one super app with zero compromises on security was no easy feat. Operating in the blockchain industry came with expectations for the highest standards of privacy, so it was key that SHIELD’s Device Intelligence could identify real users without the need for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and other traditional KYC measures. Supercharged with SHIELD’s technology, Legion Network could provide its users with the most trusted platform for their crypto needs and continue its global growth. 

Athar Ahmed concluded, “Trust is not only at the core of blockchain technology, but it’s also the foundation of our platform. SHIELD’s technology empowers us to champion trust across our global ecosystem, and empowering our users to connect, collaborate and engage with like-minded crypto enthusiasts on a massive scale.”