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Stopping [B]Ad Fraud: Carandbike Chooses SHIELD to Safeguard Website From Malicious Traffic

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Carandbike, a subsidiary of Mahindra, is a leading online automotive platform for buying and selling new and used cars and motorbikes in India. The platform also serves as a news portal that brings its users the latest automotive-related information through articles, reviews, and videos.

India's Leading Automotive Platform

Carandbike had some concerns regarding its ad traffic as they suspected that some of the visitors to their website were fake. As a result, carandbike chose to leverage SHIELD’s traffic-shielding and risk intelligence capabilities to determine whether this was true and safeguard 100% of their traffic.

"With a more than 200% increase in good traffic, SHIELD's results speak for themselves."
Abhishek Agarwal
Head of Marketing at carandbike
"With a more than 200% increase in good traffic, SHIELD's results speak for themselves."
Abhishek Agarwal
Head of Marketing at carandbike

Detecting and Blocking Malicious Traffic

Within the first few days of using SHIELD, carandbike’s suspicions were immediately confirmed. SHIELD’s AI and machine learning technology detected that a certain amount of its paid traffic was not legitimate. The SHIELD Risk Indicators flagged the exact types of tools the advertisers were using, which included automated software, emulators, and anti-fingerprinting tools.

Abhishek Agarwal, Head of Marketing at carandbike commented, “Emulators, bots, anti-fingerprinting tools, you name it. There’s not a single malicious tool and technique that SHIELD didn’t spot.”

Carandbike’s next step was to block all fake traffic to avoid skewed analytics and wasting server bandwidth. To do this, SHIELD filtered all traffic through its fraud prevention platform before they landed on the website.

Abhishek Agarwal added, “SHIELD’s technology is phenomenal. Easy set up, functional dashboard and effective traffic filtering helped us ensure is the safest auto portal in India, and within a week we already obtained a 400% return on investment on the platform fees.”

Banning Fraudulent Advertisers

With SHIELD’s technology, the carandbike team was able to understand which advertisers gave them the best return on investment, resulting a more than 200% increase in legitimate traffic. This gave the carandbike team the confidence to stop working with some of their advertisers and reward the high performing ones with additional incentives.

Better Results = Better Decisions & Better Partners

An effective and efficient fraud prevention solution blocks fraud before it can happen. SHIELD’s AI and machine learning technology helped carandbike optimize their marketing spend and increase their revenues by detecting and blocking poor quality traffic. This empowered the company with better and more accurate analytics so that they could make more informed decisions on which advertisers were worth working with, and which were not.