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Playing Their Cards Right: How PokerBaazi Teamed Up with SHIELD to Bridge The Online And Live Poker Experience, Enhancing User Trust & Transparency

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Customer Profile

PokerBaazi is India’s premier and largest platform for poker enthusiasts. Sitting under the Baazi Games Group, the platform was crafted to enrich the gaming experience of poker, connecting seasoned players and new enthusiasts under an integrated platform. It provides multiple free-entry tournaments daily for players across India. 





Key Takeaways

• More than 10 million players protected 

• Frictionless gaming experience for players

• Round the clock insights into the latest fraud threats

PokerBaazi's Goal

The popularity of online gaming platforms have grown exponentially with advancements in technology. Established in 2014, homegrown skill gaming platform PokerBaazi is India’s leading and largest real-money poker site. A pioneer in the online gaming industry, PokerBaazi has grown to reach an audience of over 2 million, reflecting mushrooming growth of the platform’s reach since inception. 

PokerBaazi’s mission is to create a comprehensive gaming ecosystem for gamers worldwide. Their rapid growth is in part attributed to the secure user experience they’ve been able to provide to all players. Dedicated to ensuring fairplay on their platform, PokerBaazi was looking for a partner that could help ensure the same standard of security a live poker experience would have.

“SHIELD’s technology has provided us with risk intelligence to secure our platform - a quintessential element for all skill gaming providers. With SHIELD, we can safely say that we are the most trusted online gaming platform in India.”
Arpit Beniwal
Head of Product, Baazi Games

Betting on Security 

A veteran in the skill gaming industry, PokerBaazi knew that their platform would be a target for those looking to make a quick buck. Fraudsters could join tournaments with multiple accounts, colluding and chip-dumping to rack up bonuses and rewards. This would tip the scales in their favor when it came to betting and calling, putting genuine players at a disadvantage. In the long-run, such behavior would dilute user confidence in the platform. 

Similar to how a live poker game would be conducted, PokerBaazi wanted to ensure that their tournament remained transparent and fraud-free. As such, they leveraged SHIELD’s Device Intelligence, utilizing the SHIELD ID to proactively detect devices linked to multiple accounts. With this intelligence, PokerBaazi was able to identify fake accounts, colluders, and multi-accounters, stopping them from participating in tournaments even before they had a chance to. 

Arpit Beniwal, Head of Product at Baazi Games commented, “SHIELD’s technology is a force to be reckoned with. It is reliable, fast, and accurate. It has played a pivotal role in helping us ensure our players have full confidence in the integrity of our tournaments.” 

Calling Fraudsters’ Bluff

Typically, a fraudster’s hand would consist of app cloners, app tampering, and jailbroken and rooted devices. These tools are commonly used to reset devices, meddle with an app’s source code, and appear like different players - when they are in fact the same person. 

The SHIELD Risk Indicators acted as PokerBaazi’s security detail, surveilling their platform for any suspicious activity. They identify when and which malicious tools and techniques were in use, pointing out players that initially appeared to be genuine but were in fact fraudulent. Along with the SHIELD Trust Score, PokerBaazi was able to swiftly block fraudulent players from their system. 

Arpit added, “We have a zero-tolerance policy against anyone that tries to mess with our player experience. With SHIELD, we’re able to reward the right players for their skills and ensure a fair gaming experience for all. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Acing Trust and Safety 

Equipped with SHIELD’s technology, PokerBaazi is able to stay ahead of new threats and provide their users with a secure gaming experience. SHIELD has helped PokerBaazi bring the live poker experience online, and set new standards for trust and safety in the Indian poker ecosystem. 

“Fairplay is the quintessential element for any successful poker match—SHIELD’s technology has helped preserve it on our platform. We can safely say that we are the most trusted online gaming platform for current and future poker players in India,” Arpit concluded.