SHIELD for On-Demand Services

SHIELD provides on-demand services with decisions and intelligence in real-time, enabling you to focus on growth, optimize marketing ROI and strengthen brand reputation.

Industry Expertise

On-demand platforms offer convenience and opportunities for their users and partners, but scale is critical to their success.
Incentives such as first-purchase offers, referral rewards, and coupons are core to rapid user acquisition and engagement. However, these incentives also appeal to fraudsters, who use tools to abuse reward offerings at high velocity and scale.
This results in huge losses and wasted marketing spend, making fraud a significant retardant for on-demand platforms to grow and scale sustainably.

Protect your entire digital ecosystem from fraud

Bot Attacks

Account Fraud

Transaction & Loyalty Fraud


Our Intelligence. {BR} Your Decisions.


Always Ahead {BR}Of Fraud


Autonomous {BR} Bot Defense


Frictionless {BR} Identity Verification