SHIELD for Loyalty Apps

SHIELD provides loyalty apps with decisions and intelligence in real-time, enabling you to focus on growth, optimize your investment and build brand trust.

Industry Expertise

In a competitive business landscape, loyalty programs are core to engaging and retaining valuable users.
As cash and point rewards can be easily materialized, loyalty apps have become an attractive target for fraudsters. Loyalty platforms face the challenge of balancing security and fraud controls without repeatedly hampering users with authentication requests.
Friction in the customer experience easily leads to churn and inhibits the adoption of loyalty programs, yet fraud losses prohibits platforms from growing sustainably.

Protect your entire digital ecosystem from fraud

Bot Attacks

Account Fraud

Transaction & Loyalty Fraud

AML/CFT Violations


Our Intelligence. {BR} Your Decisions.


Always Ahead {BR}Of Fraud


Autonomous {BR} Bot Defense


Frictionless {BR} Identity Verification