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How Central America’s First Superapp Protects Its Entire Ecosystem From Fraud

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Founded in 2019, OMNi is one of Central America’s first and fastest-growing superapps. Headquartered in Costa Rica, OMNi provides ride-hailing, bike-sharing, fintech, and healthcare services, empowering its users with a huge range of services at the touch of an app.

CAC (Central America & Caribbean)

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Central America’s First Superapp

OMNi is Central America’s first superapp. Founded in Costa Rica in 2019, OMNi has experienced extraordinary growth as a platform that offers ride-hailing, bike-sharing, fintech, and healthcare services.

As OMNi grows, so does its responsibility to keep its users safe. Ensuring that good users can trust its services - and that the bad ones are stopped - is a key priority as OMNi continues scaling. The company needed a risk intelligence solution that could help protect its platform from fraud attacks.

“Any superapp should have SHIELD as their risk intelligence solution. In our case, SHIELD has enabled us to stop all fraud and abuse, and has empowered us to spend more time on developing OMNi’s products and features.”
Ana Coello Abraham
Compliance and Fraud Manager, OMNi

Distinguishing Every Device

As businesses introduce new features and services, there is a higher chance that their users will become victims of fraud. In OMNi’s case, given their rapid growth and their aim to integrate an increasing number of verticals into their platform, they needed to protect their users from a wide range of potential attacks.

Account fraud was a particular concern. Fraudsters often take over legitimate accounts or create ones using stolen identities in order to target ride-hailing platforms and fintech services. OMNi not only offers both, but plans to expand these services’ capabilities.

By using the SHIELD ID, OMNi was able to detect and stop fraudsters from committing account fraud. As a unique device identifier that distinguishes every device accurately and persistently, the SHIELD ID helped OMNi detect all fake accounts as well as legitimate accounts that had been taken over.

Ana Coello Abraham, Compliance and Fraud Manager, OMNi commented, “SHIELD’s risk intelligence has helped us detect instances of account fraud that we never knew existed, which has enabled us to pre-empt any potential fraud attacks.”

Understanding Which Malicious Tools Are Being Used

The tools and techniques used to commit fraud have also become very advanced. Fraudsters today are now using highly sophisticated tools, such as GPS spoofers and app cloners, to carry out a variety of fraud attacks such as collusion, incentive abuse, money laundering, loan fraud and more.

In order to detect these, OMNi leveraged the SHIELD Risk Indicators, a set of indicators that reveal the tools and techniques fraudsters use to carry out their illicit activities.

Ana Coello Abraham, Compliance and Fraud Manager, OMNi added, “We finally know exactly how fraudsters are abusing our system. This intelligence has empowered us to deal with them swiftly and dedicate more time to expanding our service offering.”

24/7 Protection

Fraudsters today have also become much better at avoiding detection. Given that conventional solutions only profile risk when an app is opened, many fraudsters will only activate malicious tools after they open their target app. To detect when this was happening, OMNi leveraged SHIELD Sentinel, the only technology that can detect the exact moment a good user turns bad.

Ana Coello Abraham, Compliance and Fraud Manager, OMNi concluded, “SHIELD’s risk intelligence has helped us detect fraud attacks from the most subtle to the most complex. Our platform is now safer, and our users trust us even more than before. Thanks to SHIELD, we can now focus on what really counts - providing a better app experience for our customers.”